Friday, July 10, 2015

Torch Relay and Cauldron Lighting

The day after attending the torch relay in my neighbourhood, I went to a local cauldron lighting ceremony during the Toronto 2015 Torch Relay. When I arrived, the area by the stage was quite full. Wanting to get a closer view of Mike "Pinball" Clemons, the official "cheerleader" for the Pan Am Games, I decided to go back to the spot where he would start his leg of the relay.

I was initially surprised at the lack of people at the place where he would start but then realized that everyone was waiting at the cauldron. I was lucky enough to get my photo taken with him as we waited for the flame to arrive.

"We rise by lifting others. All of us has a flame inside of us. Use that flame." 
Pinball Clemons

It was so inspiring to see the cauldron lit. I can't wait to see the official cauldron lit at the Opening Ceremony.

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