Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pan Am Torch Relay - Marnie McBean to Jim Cuddy

All photos are mine unless otherwise indicated.

Since the torch relay schedule was released, each day it was in Toronto  was entered in my calendar, but then it seemed that something came up on most of the days. I was either out of town, hosting out of town guests or family responsibilities that kept me from seeing the Pan Am torch. I finally got to see the torch yesterday when it travelled down Yonge Street near my house.

Having heard that Olympic multi-medallist rower Marnie McBean would carry the torch just north of where I lived, I went there to start. From the time she stepped off the Pan Am van to the time she left, she was so inclusive talking with everyone and having her photo taken with her family, friends and fans. She also let kids hold the torch while waiting for the flame to arrive. What a thrill for them!

Here comes the flame.
Photo credit: Phil Sewell

Almost lit

The flame is shared
Photo credit: Phil Sewell
Photo credit: Phil Sewell

Photo credit: Phil Sewell
I followed the relay watching and admiring the torch bearers who did not have household names but they were well known in their circles for their achievements that made them chosen to be torch bearers.

I loved seeing the faces of the spectators coming out of the shops and restaurants, most in awe of seeing the flame - whether they knew it was coming ahead of time or just felt lucky to be at the right place at the right time. A local daycare brought the kids out to watch the relay go by - the joy on their faces were evident when they saw the flame.

A recently opened restaurant with an interesting name ended up in a great spot in this photo, because seeing the flame shared is ______ fabulous!!

The last torch bearer I saw was the Blue Rodeo singer Jim Cuddy. It's too bad he didn't start right at Eglinton because the crowd was huge at the corner. It was still busy where the torch was shared just south of Eglinton.

I ran ahead to a clear spot to take a video, and how perfect is it with the Pan Am song playing from the lead Pan Am vehicle.

And just like that, the torch relay continues down Yonge with its entourage. There are two days left to see the torch relay in Toronto before it makes its final appearance at the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening.

Photo credit: Phil Sewell

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