Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tickets Tip #5: Canada Day Sale

Now's the time to buy your Pan Am tickets if you've been procrastinating or are wanting to buy more.

CIBC is offering 25% discount on all remaining tickets from 10am Wednesday July 1st to 9pm Thursday July 2nd. Use the code CIBCPANAM.

Also Swimming Canada have been offering 20% off some swimming tickets (mostly more expensive ones).
Click here for more information and to buy tickets. Use discount code SWIM20. 

Here's a sneak preview for tomorrow's Ticket Tip:

The media may be trying to share the message that the Pan Am Games aren't popular and that ticket sales are lagging, but I will argue that there are tickets that I would buy but the events are now sold out. 
I thought that I would buy more tickets once I learned when Canadians were competing, but looking at tickets for various sports, a LOT MORE than I imagined are already sold.

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