Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tickets Tip #3: Rugby Sevens

Two weeks from today, the Rugby Sevens medals will be decided.

There aren't many tickets left for the medal rounds but this is a great ticket to have in hand with the bronze and gold medal games for both the men and the women being contested.

July 12 4pm (RU004). Click here for tickets.
Women's Classification Match
Women's Bronze Medal
Women's Gold Medal
Men's Classification Match
Men's Classification Match
Men's Semifinal Match
Men's Semifinal Match
Men's Classification Match
Men's Classification Match
Men's Bronze Medal Match
Men's Gold Medal Match

Click here for the full schedule.

Any rugby sevens ticket ensures you see the women's and men's Team Canada compete.

Saturday July 11 10am (RU001)
Women's Canada vs Columbia
4 other women's matches
Women's Canada vs Mexico
3 men's matches
Men's Canada vs Guyana

Saturday July 11 4pm (RU002)
Women's Canada vs Brazil
2 other women's matches
Men's Canada vs Brazil
Men's Canada vs Argentina
6 other men's matches

Sunday July 12 10am (RU003)
Canada vs Argentina
Canada vs USA
4 more women's matches
Men's 4 - Quarterfinal matches

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