Friday, May 27, 2011


Olympic Hearts is a blog where I will write about one of my great passions...the Olympics.

Posts will showcase some of my favourite athletes, Olympic sports and the Games themselves.

I have been an Olympic fan since my childhood. Whenever the Games were on, I was glued to the television set. I finally got my chance to attend the Olympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver. At the time, I thought I had achieved my Olympic dream. I had lived my dream, checked it off my bucket list and thought it was over. What I realized a couple of months ago (which isn't earth-shattering or surprising really) is that I LOVE the Olympics. Why is that dream over? I realized that this magical experience in Vancouver has ignited my passion for the Olympics even more. Even if my future experiences never match the magic of 2010, why should it end there?

When the Olympics are on, I eat and breathe the Olympics. I thought why keep it to a couple of weeks every four years? With many athletes blogging and tweeting these days, it's easier to follow their rise to Olympic stardom.

Rather than bombarding my original blog My Life Is Like A Song with Olympic and sports posts, I decided to dedicate a new blog to it I called Olympic Hearts. I'm hoping that by keeping up with the athletes and sports, I will better know the athletes when the Olympics come around whether I am there in person or watching on television. I am also hoping that I may get to see these athletes compete in local events that may not have been on my radar otherwise.

I'm not sure at this point what the continuation of my Olympic dream will involve, but I know that attending the 2010 Games is not the end.

This blog is the continuation. I'm hoping that it will guide me to my future Olympic experiences. By researching and writing about the Olympics and athletes, I'm hoping that some opportunities will open up that I may not have come across. There may be local competitions and events I could attend. I can follow athletes as they strive for their Olympic dreams. I could come across some volunteer positions or if I want to shoot for the moon, this could lead to an Olympic career that would take me to the Games.

This website is the start. I'm hoping that it will guide me to my future Olympic experiences.

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