Friday, February 5, 2016

Posting Old Posts

In case you're following Olympic Hearts on RSS and are seeing "new" old posts popping up, I have so many drafts that I never posted.

Many of them were at the 95% complete stage, so rather than leave them as drafts, I am letting go of my perfectionism and posting them with the original date to have as a record on the blog.

If you're interested in the links, I will add them to this post as I continue to catch up.

Lessons in Sportsmanship -  June 2013 - click here.
Do sports organizations and athletes want us to follow them year round or just during the Olympic Games? - September 2013 - click here.
1000 Days to Rio - November 2013 - click here.
Paralympic Games Announcement - 100 Days to Sochi - December 2013 -click here.
Boycotting the Paralympics is a ridiculous conversation to be having - March 2014 - click here.
Torch Relay and Cauldron Lighting -  July 2015 - click here.
Pan Am Opening Ceremony - in photos - July 2015 - click here.
Pan Am Opening Ceremony - July 2015 - click here.
Beach Volleyball at the Pan Am Games - July 2015 - click here.
Archery at the Pan Am Games - July 2015 - click here.
Trampoline at the Pan Am Games - July 2015 - click here.
Track and Field at the Pan Am Games - July 2015 - click here.
Closing Ceremony in Photos - July 2015 - click here.
Win Canada Win -  October 2015 - click here.
It's not about OHCanada Sports but about the athletes - written October 2015 - click here.
Athlete Fundraisers: Ben Hayward aka VanStarter - December 2015 - click here.
My Pan Am Coverage Rant - December 2015 - click here.
6 Months to Rio 2016 Olympics - February 2016 - click here.

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