Friday, May 15, 2015

Are you excited about the Pan Am Games?

I am very biased but I can't wait for the Pan Am Games! I don't want the time to go faster so that they're here sooner, because just like Christmas, sometimes the anticipation is just as exciting as the day.

The Toronto Star contacted me recently looking for superfans of the Pan Am Games. The writer had been looking for people who were excited and she admitted that she found the task challenging. Having been interviewed during the Sochi Olympics and now the Pan Am Games, I did think - am I the only one out there? I'm hoping that because I have a website/blog, perhaps I am easier to find.

Although there are some negative comments out there, I think that there are a lot of people excited about the Pan Am Games.

The Opening Ceremony and many events are almost if not completely sold out.

The Pan Am Committee received double the applications for the volunteer positions they had available.

I applied to be a torch bearer and did not get chosen, so there are obviously many more people interested in the relay than there were spots.

For me, the Pan Am Games is more than the two and a half weeks of competition. It is about building a legacy in the GTA and venues for future athletes to enjoy whether they are recreational, competitive or become Olympic athletes.

It's an opportunity to see events in a way that is potentially once in a lifetime.

Some of our athletes will be competing internationally at home in front of friends and family for the first time.

I got goose bumps earlier listening to Alexandre Despatie talk about the legacy of the Games even before he said that "he gets goose bumps just talking about it".

I have been to events in the GTA where our athletes were competing (like the Toronto Track and Field International that is shown in the video with high jumper Derek Drouin, Kate van Buskirk, Damian Warner and Jessica Zelinka - got my tickets to see those four compete at the Pan Am Games).

Here are my photos from that meet. I get a kick seeing the same scenes on the video.


Most of the events I went to were mostly Canadian athletes (canoe kayak, track cycling, diving, swimming). It's easy to cheer for Canada at those meets. You're cheering for almost everyone.

I can't wait for the Pan Am Games when we really get to cheer Go Canada Go!! I can't wait to hear O Canada when our athletes win gold (I already have a few tickets where that will be a strong possibility).

I can't wait to see our athletes do the best that they can, whether that is a podium finish, a personal best or the best that they could do on that day. I also can't wait to see the world's best even if they're not from Canada.

This is our chance to see world class athletes perform in 36 sports. I can't wait.

But don't take my word for it.

Here's an article with Olympic multi-medallist Adam van Koeverden:

Here's an article with Olympian Julia Wilkinson:

And for more Pan Am content, click here to see OHCanada Sports' special Pan Am page.

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