Friday, August 1, 2014

Last night I dreamed...

Last night I dreamed I was an Olympic torch bearer. The host country was Sweden. We were wearing blue and yellow outfits.

Somehow I was not dropped off at my position, so I was running along the course, stopping at the transfer points to find out who was the torch bearer. I passed one - not me. I pass another and it's the tennis player, Victoria Azarenka. I get to the next one and there it is. My name. I get in position and see the flame coming.

I call out to my husband and kids. I can't imagine I'll be carrying the torch in a moment and they're not there to see it. Then I hear him. There's my husband running behind the torch with his camera ready. He gives me the thumbs up and my panic changes to elation as the flame approaches.

We are positioned for the lighting. We're facing my husband first then we turn around to face the other cameras. We are interviewed briefly and we are asked who is most likely to be the next Olympian. I obviously have other supporters there because a number of them say me. I knowingly look at Azarenka and we give each other a little nod and a smile. The others don't know that she's a professional tennis player and already an Olympian.

The torch looks more like a 1988 torch than the 2010. It has a very small handle which is easy to hold. There's a small bucket at the top that holds the flame.

I start running with the torch...tears filling my eyes, not believing that this dream is coming true. How is it possible that I'm a torch bearer? I arrive at the next transfer point, and no one is there. How lucky, I get to carry it longer.

The next one, again, is empty. I can't believe my luck. Tears are almost streaming now. I run on a bridge wondering why I'm not getting tired yet (I haven't been a runner in a long time), another empty transfer point and the route goes up a hill (like a cross-country running trail with large rocks). I start running up the hill, so happy and not feeling tired. At some point, the relay gets stopped. The organizers can't figure out where the torch bearers are so they instruct me to go wait on the bus while they find them.

I'm sitting there talking with the person beside me and realize, I'm still carrying the lit torch. I take another moment to fully realize what is happening to me. Hard to believe!

Time passes and we notice that the flame is burned out. The person beside me thinks it's a problem, but I inform him that it's not. They will have flames to relit it when we start again.

Then it's time to go. As I walk off the bus, poof the flame lights up again. I was looking down at it, and the tip had a ring shaped hole that the flame came up through. I walk down the hill to the bridge where Simon Cowell catches up with me to explain what we're going to do. Yes, Simon Cowell is the organizer of the torch relay in Sweden that I am running in. Dreams aren't supposed to be realistic are they?

I go back to the start to begin the relay again. Then I wake up...amazed at an incredible dream.

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