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2014 Olympic Schedule – Detailed with links to others

Are you wanting to watch as many events as possible during the 2014 Olympics? Then this is the schedule for you. The second week of competition is still to follow.

If you're finding this schedule overwhelming, I have published some simpler ones.

Want to see mostly events with Canadian medal potential? Click here.
Want to see a simplified schedule? Click here.
Want to see the hockey, curling and figure skating schedule? Click here.
Want to see the most popular events? Link will be here by Friday.

So bookmark or print the schedule that is best for you and enjoy the Games.

Back to this schedule. If it's not displaying properly, decrease the font size and/or widen your viewing screen. It gives a detail look at the television coverage, as well as what will not be covered live. All events and television coverage will be livestreamed.

This schedule still has a Canada focus however. It only shows hockey and curling matches where Canada is playing. For other games, check the Sochi2014 website for full schedule or cbcsports webite for which ones are televised.

To view by individual event, check or the middle column on the homepage. The events are in chronological order. The times posted are event time (EST) - not television time.

Medal ceremonies will be televised daily on Ici RDI at 11am and 9pm starting Saturday Feb 8.
(Check your local channel lineup - Rogers Toronto channel 612/613HD) No announcement on whether CBC will be showing the medal ceremonies.

Daily Olympic Primetime on CBC
7-10pm local except in Atlantic (8pm) & Newfoundland (8:30pm)

Enfin Sotchi En 60 minutes, Marc Durand vous fera revivre une journée Olympique. Ici-Télé chaque soir 17h et 23h commençant samedi soir.

Medal events in gold/bronze (or red when Canadian medal potential)
Livestream in teal (when no television coverage)
Qualification rounds, first runs, round robin games, short programs are in black.

Thursday February 6

Snowboard Slopestyle (Qualification) 6-9am CBC [live 1am Men, 5am Ladies]
Moguls Ladies Qualification 9am CBC
Figure Skating Team Event - Men's and Pairs 10:30am-2pm CBC

Livestream (
Snowboard Slopestyle 1am Men, 5am Ladies

Friday February 7

Opening Ceremony Pre-Show 10am CBC
Opening Ceremony 11am CBC, TSN, SN, SN1
Encore 2pm, 7pm CBC

Saturday February 8

Snowboard Slopestyle Men's Semis 12:30am-2:15am CBC
Snowboard Slopestyle Men's Finals 3:45am-5am CBC
***Mark McMorris, Sebastien Toutant, Maxence Parrot
Cross-Country Skiing Ladies skiathlon 5am-6:05am CBC 
Speed Skating Men 5000m 6:15am-9:30am SN (6:30-7:15 CBC)
Hockey Women Canada vs Switzerland 8am CBC (encore 7:30pm TSN)
Moguls Ladies Qualification #2 8:45am SN1
Figure Skating Team Event 9:30am-2:05pm SN (encore 7pm SN)
Biathlon 10km sprint Men's 9:30-10:55am SN1
Moguls Ladies Finals 1-2:30pm CBC
***Dufour-Lapointe sisters

Livestream only (
Luge Men's Runs 1 & 2 9:30am-1:05pm (shown in French 14h30 TVASports)
Ski Jumping Men Qualificatio 11:30am-12:35pm (shown in French 11h30 TVASports)

Sunday February 9

Snowboard Slopestyle Ladies semis 1:25-2:40am TSN
Alpine Skiing Downhill Men's 2:00-4:15am CBC
***Erik Guay, Jan Hudec, Manny Osborne-Paradis
Snowboard Slopestyle Ladies Finals 4:00-5:25am TSN (4:15-5:15 CBC)
***Spencer O'Brien
Cross-Country Skiing Skiathlon Men's 4:55-6:45am TSN2 (5:15-5:45 CBC)
Speed Skating 3000m Ladies 6:30-8:30 CBC (6:25-8:35 TSN)
Biathlon 7.5km Sprint Women's 9:25-10:50 TSN (4:30-5pm CBC)
Figure Skating Team Event 10am-1:15pm CBC (encore 7pm SN)
**Patrick Chan, Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Kaetlyn Osmond
Ski Jumping Men's 12:25-2:15pm TSN (1:15-2:15pm CBC)
Luge Men's - 2:30-4:30pm CBC (Runs 3&4) [live 9:30am-1:05pm]

Monday February 10

Curling Men's - Canada vs Germany 00:00-2:30am CBC
Alpine Skiing Super Combined Ladies Run 1 Downhill 1:55-3:30am TSN (2:30-4:45am CBC)
Short Track Speed Skating Men & Women heats 4:45-7:30am CBC
***1500m final Charles Hamelin, Michael Gilday, François Hamelin
Curling Women's - Canada vs China 5-8am TSN
Alpine Skiing Super Combined Ladies Run 2 Slalom 5:55-7:10 TSN2 (7:30-8:45 CBC)
***Marie-Michèle Gagnon
Speed Skating Men's 500m 7:55-11:25 TSN2
Moguls Men's 8:55-10:20 SN (9-9:45 CBC)  [live Quali 1- 9am, Qual 2 9:50am]
Luge Women's Run 1 & 2 9:30-12:40pm SN1 (4-5pm CBC)
Hockey Women's Canada vs Finland 10am-12:30pm CBC (encore 7:30pm TSN)
Curling Men's Canada vs Switzerland 10am-1pm TSN
Biathlon Men's 12.5km Pursuit 10:20am-10:50am SN (3-4pm CBC)
Moguls Men's 1-2:35pm Finals CBC
***Mikaël Kingsbury, Alex Bilodeau

Tuesday February 11

Curling Women's - Canada vs Sweden 00:00-3:00am CBC
Ski Slopestyle Ladies Qualification 00:55-2:25am TSN (3:15-3:45am CBC)
Ski Slopestyle Ladies Finals 3:55-5:05am TSN (4-5am CBC)
***Kaya Turski, Dara Howell
Cross Country Skiing Men's and Ladies Individual Sprint Free 4:45-5:50am SN (see livestream)
Snowboard Halfpipe Men's Qualification 4:55-8:05am TSN2
Curling Men's Canada vs Sweden 5-8am CBC
Cross Country Skiing Men's and Ladies Individual Sprint Free 6:45-8:50am SN (see livestream)
Speed Skating 500m Ladies 7:45-11am TSN [Race 1 7:45am Race 2 9:34am]
*(8:45-9:30am and 10:30-11:30am CBC) 
Cross-Country Skiing Men's and Ladies Sprint Free 8am-8:45 CBC (see livestream)
**Alex Harvey, Devon Kershaw, Ivan Babikov
Luge Women's Runs 3 of 4 9:30-10:30am CBC
Figure Skating Pairs Short 9:45am-1:25pm SN (2-3pm CBC)
Biathlon 10km Pursuit Women's 9:45-10:50am SN1 (3pm-4pm CBC)
Snowboard Halfpipe Men's Semis 9:55-11am TSN2
Luge Women's Run 4 of 4 11-12:45pm TSN (11:30am-12:30pm CBC)
**Alex Gough
Snowboard Halfpipe Men's Finals 12:30-13:30pm CBC/TSN2
Ski Jumping Ladies 12:45-2:05pm TSN (1:30-2pm CBC)

Livestream (also check RDS, Ici Radio Canada, TVASports)
Cross-Country Skiing Ladies - Sprint Free
*Qualification 5am, Quarterfinals 7am, Semifinals 7:56am, Finals 8:22am
Cross-Country Skiing Men - Sprint Free
*Qualification 5:25am, Quarters 7:25am, Semis 8:06am, Finals 8:30am

Wednesday February 12

Alpine Skiing Downhill Ladies 2am-4:10am CBC
Nordic Combined Men's Ski Jumping 4:30-5:20 (no Canadians)
Snowboard Halfpipe Ladies Qualifications 4:45-8:05am SN
Curling Women's Canada vs Great Britain 5am TSN
Nordic Combined Men's 10km 7:25-8:15am (4-5pm CBC) (no Canadians)
Hockey Women Canada vs USA 7:30am-10am CBC (encore 7:30pm TSN)
Speed Skating 1000m Men's 8:55-10:40am TSN (10am CBC)
Luge Doubles 9am-11:35am SN (3-4pm CBC)
**Justin Snith & Tristan Walker
Snowboard Halfpipe Ladies Semis 9:45-11am SN1 (10:30-11:45 CBC)
Curling Men - Russia vs Canada 10am TSN2
Figure Skating Pairs Free 10:45-2pm TSN (12:15-1:45pm CBC)
**Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch
Snowboard Halfpipe Ladies Finals 12:15-1:35pm SN (1:45-2:45pm CBC)

Thursday February 13

Curling Women Canada vs Denmark 00:00-2:30am CBC (encore 10am SN)
Ski Slopestyle Men Qualification 1:10am-3am SN
Skeleton Women's (Heats 1 & 2 of 4) 2:25-4:20 TSN (2:30-4:15 CBC)
Ski Slopestyle Finals Men 4:30-5:45am CBC
Curling Men Canada vs Denmark 5-8am TSN2
Cross Country Skiing 10km Classical Ladies 5:30-6:40 SN1 (11-11:45am CBC)
Short Track Speed Skating Men and Women heats/semis 6-7:15am CBC [live 5am-7:30am]
***500m Finals Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais, Jessica Hewitt
Biathlon 20km men 8:45-11am SN1 (4-5pm CBC)
Speed Skating 1000m Ladies 8:55-10:40am TSN2 (10-11am CBC)
**Christine Nesbitt
Figure Skating Men's Short 10am-2:30pm TSN
Luge Team Relay 11am-12:30am SN1 (3-4pm CBC)
**Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Justin Snith & Tristan Walker
Hockey Men Canada vs Norway 12-2:30pm CBC (Encore 7:30pm TSN)

Friday February 14

Curling Women Canada vs Norway 00:00-3:00am CBC
Alpine Skiing Super Combined (Downhill) Men 1:55-3:30am SN (3-4am CBC)
Cross Country Skiing 15km Classical Men 4:45-6:55am SN1 (5:30-7am CBC)
Alpine Skiing Super Combined (Slalom) Men 6:15-7:40am SN (8-8:45am CBC)
Skeleton Men (Heats 1&2) and Women (Heats 3&4) 7:15-12:30 SN1 (10-11:45am CBC)
Aerials Ladies Qualification 8:30am-10am TSN2 (No Canadians) (8:45-9:45am CBC)
Biathlon 15km Women 8:45-10:55am Sportsnet
Figure Skating Men's Free Program 10-2:30pm TSN
**Patrick Chan
Hockey Men Canada vs Austria 12-14:30pm CBC (7:30pm TSN)
Aerials Ladies Finals 12:25-13:35 TSN2 (No Canadians) (3-4pm CBC)
Ski Jumping Large Hill Men (Qualification) 12:30-1:35pm SN1 (4-5pm CBC)

Saturday February 15

Curling Women Canada vs Japan 00:00-3am CBC
Alpine Skiing Ladies Super-G 1:55-4:10am TSN (3-4am CBC, 4-4:30pm CBC)
Short Track Speed Skating 4:55-7:55am TSN (6-7:30am CBC) (see livestream)
**Ladies' 1500m Finals: Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais, Marie-Eve Drolet
**Men's 1000m finals: Charles Hamelin, Olivier Jean, Charle Cournoyer
Curling Men Canada vs Great Britain 5-8am TSN2
Cross Country Skiing Ladies 4x5km Relay 5:30-6:30am SN/SN1 (2:15pm-3:15pm CBC)
Hockey Women Quarter Final 2 7:30am-10am SN (7pm SN1)
Speed Skating 1500m Men 8:25-10:25am TSN (10-10:30am CBC, 3:15-4pm CBC)
Skeleton Men 10am-12pm SN (10:30-12pm CBC)
Curling Women Canada vs Russia 10am-1pm TSN2
Ski Jumping Large Hill Men 12:15-2:15pm SN (12:30-2pm CBC)

livestream (also check RDS, Ici Radio Canada, TVASports)
Hockey Women quarterfinal 1 3am
Short Track Speed Skating:
*Ladies' 1500m Heats 5am, Men's 1000m Quarters 5:45am, Men's 1000m Semis 6:46am
*Ladies' 1500m Finals 7:09am, Men's 1000m Finals 7:23am

Sunday February 16

Curling Men Canada vs USA 00:00-3:00am CBC
Alpine Skiing Men's Super-G 1:55am-4:10am TSN (3am-4:15am CBC)
**Erik Guay, Jan Hudec, Manny Osborne-Paradis
Snowboard Cross Ladies 4:15am-5:15am CBC (see livestream)
**Maëlle Ricker, Dominique Maltais
Cross Country Skiing Men's 4x10km Relay 4:55am-7:30am TSN (4:30pm-6pm CBC)
Curling Women Canada vs USA 5:15am-8am CBC
Speed Skating 1500m Ladies SN1 9am-10:50am
Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start 10am-11am SN (11am-11:45 CBC)
Figure Skating Ice Dance Short Program 10am - 1:45pm TSN
Curling Men Canada vs China 10am-1pm TSN2
Bobsleigh 2-Man (Heats 1&2 of 4) 11:15am-1:35pm SN (3pm-4:30pm CBC)
Hockey Men Canada vs Finland 12pm-2:30pm CBC (encore 7:30pm TSN2)

Livestream (also check RDS, Ici Radio Canada, TVASports)
Snowboard Cross Ladies Seeding 2am, Quarters 4:15am, Semis 4:31am, Finals 4:45am
Bobsleigh 2-Man Heat 1 11:15am, Heat 2 12:50pm

Week 2 schedule to follow

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