Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day

I woke up this morning wondering what I could write about on Canada Day that I hadn't written before. (I'm sharing links to previous posts at the end of this one)

I decided to share some of my favourite renditions of O Canada at the Olympics.

1. My most favourite has to be one that I was fortunate to experience in person at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I was standing still, with my video camera filming when I had to break tradition of standing still to change cameras and photograph the beautiful scene with the Olympic rings and the Canadian flag (above).  Like all the competitions, the opening ceremony in its entirety is online. O Canada starts at the 13:50 mark.

2. "Sing Like Kreek" rendition by the Men's 8 at the 2008 Olympics:


3. Chandra Crawford's enthusiastic singing at the 2006 Turin Olympics.


4. Carol Huynh overcome with emotion at the 2008 Olympics:

5. The crowd singing our anthem after the Men's hockey gold in 2010. It starts at the 2:34:20 mark.

In case that isn't enough, click here for last year's post about a new rockier version of O Canada by Daylight For Deadeyes.

In 2010, I wrote about Patrick Reid who was instrumental in designing the Canadian flag. I heard him tell the story in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. Click here.

In 2009, I wrote about my favourite Canadian bands and artists. You can read it here. In hindsight I wish I had saved some of these for future years.

And my first Canada Day blog post in 2008, when I wrote about my favourite things about Canada. You can read it here.

Happy Canada Day!

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