Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joannie Rochette Avec Coeur Et Passion

Joannie Rochette was on the television program Tout Le Monde En Parle this week. She is releasing a new DVD entitled Avec Coeur et Passion (With Heart and Passion) which is an exercise video meant for the young and old, beginner and advanced. She calls her DVD an exercise programme for "monsieur et madame tout le monde" (mr and mrs everybody).

Her mother Thérèse died of a heart attack a few days before Joannie was to perform at the Olympic Games in 2010. Joannie went on to win a bronze medal in figure skating. She relived those days in the interview which was very touching explaining how her personal life came to meet up with her professional life.

She explained on the programme that her mother although seemingly in good health, did not exercise. She says that lack of exercise is one of the main reasons why people suffer heart attacks.

Her mother's death inspired her to do something. She explained that starting an exercise regime is not an easy thing and that her mother didn't know where to start. This DVD is Joannie's way of reaching others to get physically active and hopefully live a healthier life.

Proceeds of the DVD are going to iheartmom (mamandemoncoeur), Joannie' Heart Your Health Campaign associated with University of Ottawa Heart Institute. In a clip on the site, Joannie says "my mom's heart was always in the right place, I just wish she would have taken better care of it."

Here is the Tout Le Monde En Parle segment in case you would like to see it:

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