Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mazda Canoe Kayak Knockout

The Canadian Canoe and Kayak team was in Toronto to compete in the Mazda Canoe Kayak Knockout event yesterday.

It is such a fun event. They really should promote it better. The only reason I knew about it was because I went to the Canoe Kayak Canada website to see the schedule of events having learned of this event after the fact last year. I didn't want to miss my chance at seeing Adam van Koeverden race this year.

The event has a Facebook Page and Twitter account, but they're not updated very often. It's sad because this was a wonderful opportunity to see our national team up close heading into the London 2012 Olympics. There was also an autograph session where you could meet each member of the national team.

The events included Men's K-1, Women's K-1, Men's C-1, Women's C-1, Paracanoe and junior K1 and junior C1. Team members who would normally race K-2 or C-2 were racing on their own.

Each event would have multiple races. After each race, the slowest competitors are knocked out. Although the races are 200m (and so a sprint), there is strategy involved to try to ensure the racer doesn't get knocked out, and at the same time maintains enough energy for the following races.

The men's K1 had the most competitors starting with 39.

The top 18 moved on after the first race. In the third race, the top 14 moved on followed by the top 10 and the top 6. There were plenty of opportunities to see our favourites race and get different viewpoints.

After qualifying, the racers would paddle back to the starting line passing right by the spectators which allowed some great photos to be taken.

(Ian Mortimer)

Although Adam van Koeverden is the reason I went, I was excited to see the rest of the Canadian team including:

Mark Oldershaw

Mark de Jonge

Richard Dalton

19 year old World Champion Laurence Vincent-Lapointe

up and coming Juniors including Etienne Beauchesne:

and many more.

Men's Kayak
1. Mark de Jonge
2. Richard Dober
3. Ryan Cochrane

Women's Kayak
1. Kathleen Carole Fraser
2. Genny Orton
3. Mylanie Barre

Men's Canoe
1. Richard Dalton
2. Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny
3. Andrew Russell

Women's Canoe
1. Laurence Vincent-Lapointe
2. Mallorie Nicholson
3. Taylor Potts

Can't wait for London 2012!!

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